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Official Response to the Defamation and Maligning Campaign Against ISI Journal Publications

March 31st, 2022: Toronto, Canada – This is to inform the client, stakeholders of ISI Journal Publication and the general public that ISIJP has filed suit against one of our clients who have been causing defamation by following some malicious and baseless campaign against ISI Journal Publication.

The client, Dr. Maysoon A. Dakhiel, booked ISIJP’s services for her research paper, our team responded to the request and started working on it but then she came up with unethical requests and asked our experts to plagiarize someone else’s research. Despite multiple attempts of the account manager to explain her the implications of plagiarism, she insisted on copying others’ research.

The authorities have expressed the suspicion of her being representing one of our competitor as she has started approaching our current and potential clients by illegally extracting their contact information (through social channels and others that are currently under investigation by the authorities) and propagated a false message with malafide intentions, defaming ISIJP and instructed them to cancel their orders with ISIJP.

ISI Journal Publications has never compromised on the quality of work that we produce for our clients and ensure that the client received the best, non-plagiarized content that they can use without any issues. This is one of the many reasons why our clients prefer ISIJP’s services over our competitors and we take pride that our competitors are unable to produce such quality and are probably involved in such activities to harm our services.

Following up on the reasons mentioned above, ISI Journal Publications has filed a suit against her in both Canada (R.S., c. C-46, s. 298-1 & 298-2) and the UK (under the Defamation Act 2013 (Commencement) (England and Wales) Order 2013.) under which the concerned authorities are requested to probe the issue and Dr. Maysoon can be detained if she enters the jurisdiction of any of the two authorities where the lawsuit has been filed.

ISI Journal Publications would like to request all its clients to ignore any sort of communication from the above mentioned individual and refrain from interacting with the same and/or promote or propagate any maligning information regarding ISI Journal Publications.