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Content Clients
Editing Experience

20+ years

Editing Experience


With over 10 years of collaboration with researchers and editors.

We have served thousands of clients with the finest editing and other journal publication services. We provide a range of tailored services with one steady purpose in mind: to speed your publishing success.

We've got 1,300+ subject areas covered

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At ISI Publications,

  • We believe in timely deliveries, with no delays and mishaps
  • We believe in catering to our clients with utmost diligence and expertise

What makes us the best

Publication promised Professional approach Personalized content Profound technology


Publishing your manuscript is our first priority

We can offer our help to you until you are successfully published. Whether you are a student or a well-established scholar, our services cover all aspects of research publication, including editing, plagiarism check, resubmission support, or pre-submission peer-review.

Publication promised
Professional approach


Perfect match for your subject matter

The AI-driven allocation process at ISI Publications connects your document to the best expert for the job. Our 10-point matching algorithm analyses your paper's topic area, stylistic preferences, and almost eight other factors before assigning it to a group of specialists with the best match ratings.


Personalized content for your manuscript

Our research publication services, you get are entirely tailored to your preferences and selections. You have complete control over your delivery strategy, pricing, expert, timeframe, and style. This way, you have the ultimate say over every aspect of the service you receive. You may also collaborate with your expert several times to guarantee that you obtain the finest version of your manuscript.

Personalized content
Profound technology


Profound technology for better efficacy and accuracy

Our dedicated team constantly keeps up with world technology and immediately enhances our systems. To implement proficiency in our work. Our technology enables us to operate faster, better, and more efficiently, allowing us to learn and grow faster, allowing you to publish faster and with higher quality.

ISI Publications have full support and encouragement from industry experts and partners

industry experts and partners
Ensured Quality

ISI journal publications ensure top-quality dissertation editing. We also offer multiple modifications until you’re satisfied.

And if still unsure, you can get a complete refund of your costs.

Prompt Delivery

With ISI journal publications you never have to worry about missing deadlines. We meet all the deadlines by providing work in about 8 hours.

You can get a refund if we ever miss a deadline by any margin.

Secured Data

Secured Data: We work hard to secure your work by enforcing a stringent NDA on all of our specialists and staff.

Our newest ISO standard systems also keep your files safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are all about clearing your concerns, answering your queries, and keeping satisfied at all times.

Yes, we at ISI journal publications provide different research publication services that can help publish your content. One of the best elements is that our online research publication is with significant quality and high-ranking journals as well. We ensure timely delivery and effective feedback resolution as it can help smooth the overall research publication process.

There are no specific limitations on online research paper publications as people can avail or publish as many papers as they want. We also maintain our research paper publication ranking as we include high-ranking journals in which quality publication is guaranteed.

Yes, we have different online research publication experts as we never compromise on our work and provide high quality so that our customers can increase their publications. We have individual publication experts for different specialized services who can help you in ensuring smooth publications.

Yes, surely we at ISI Journal Publications charge fees based on the services you acquire. We have different services from English editing and proofreading to article extraction from thesis and thus we charge different amount of fees for such different services. However, there are no hidden charges as we specifically identify our fees initially.

The answer is quite simple as we at ISI not only focus on personal benefits and monetary advantages but on customer satisfaction as well. We believe that customer satisfaction can be achieved through effective and quality research paper publication services and it can help both retain previous customers and attract new customers as well.

Procedure to order our services

  • 01 Order Placement A client first fills out the order form filling in all the required information correctly and accurately. Completed order form is submitted on portal.
  • 02 Order Processing Order form is instantly received and confirmation is sent. We then send it forward for the drawing of timelines and estimated delivery date.
  • 03 Timelines and deadlines Our staff managers and administrators, considering all the details, give you the accurate and fixed date of when will you be receiving your edited research paper.
  • 04 Editing first draft The manuscript is then forwarded to the editing department, where initial stage editors pick out the common mistakes, correct it and then send it forward for the final editing.
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  • 05 Proofreading final copy Our editors at the final stage double-check the formatting, construction of the research paper as well as for any additional formatting. Then we match your research paper with your requirements and is sent to the proofreading department.
  • 06 On your doorstep After our skillful proof-readers pass your manuscript, we seamlessly deliver your work on your doorsteps right on time!
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