Gold Package

Our gold package is bursting with golden opportunities for our clients. With a total of six full-scale services, that are focused on journal submission are present, and what's more? They support two journals.

This golden bundle of six includes:

  • Premium Editing
  • Appropriate Journal Selection
  • Submitting to the Journal
  • Graphics Formatting
  • Resubmission Service
  • Plagiarism Checkup

Gold Package

For authors looking for submission-focused support for up to two journals

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High-Quality Services in this Package

Level up your journal game by taking full advantage of these fine services in our basic package!

Submitting to the Journal

The professionals at ISI Journal publications take over and go through every part of your paper and provide you feedback on what's missing and what's perfect in your manuscript.

Appropriate Journal Selection

Every paper has its own befitting journal. Our experts examine your entire manuscript and then recommend the top 5 journals for your paper.

Graphics Formatting

We have a graphic designer team at our disposal who inspect all your figures, table, and all other technical artwork, modify them to perfection and make any other improvements required before submitting.

Plagiarism Checkup

We have strong plagiarism checkers that help our clients in producing 100% authentic content without being flagged by the journal for any kind of incidental plagiarism.

Resubmission Services

If there are any mistakes in your script, our expert professionals will re-examine your manuscript to ensure it is up to all the standards of the journal.

Premium Editing

We have a team of expert writers who review your work and refine the flow of words, improve the structure and reformat any loose ends to perfection.

Master the Art of Evading Rejection from Your Preferred Journal

These are the top reasons that can get you rejected according to journal recommendations and peer-reviewed studies!
But don’t fret about it! We have got you covered with our ingenious solutions!

Rejection Reason Solutions by ISI Journal Publications

Our experts go through your manuscript and recommend the top 3 to 5 most suitable journals.

Our experts identify gaps in your manuscript content and logic with a thorough technical review before your paper is submitted to your target journal.

Our experts identify gaps in your methodology with a thorough technical review before your paper’s submitted to your targeted journal.

Our experts identify gaps in your methodology with a thorough technical review before your paper is submitted to your target journal.

Our graphic design specialists understand technical artwork guidelines and can modify complex figures with great accuracy and aesthetic improvements.

Improve the language, structure, & flow of your manuscript and get unlimited re-editing and reformatting support for multiple journals.

Our team of experts take over and help you with everything that’s needed to submit your manuscript.

Take Your Journal Publication Up a Notch and Save All Your Wasted Time!

With a publication service, get your made-up journal assistant who ensures that your paper is made perfectly, avoids it from being rejected, and gets it published in one of the leading journals!

ISI Journal Support Packs Are Designed to Fit All Your Requirements

Our service packs are drafted in the manner that they cater to all our clients’ publishing demands and help them efficiently save a lot of time, effort, and money!

Gold Pack

End-to-end publication-focused support for up to two journals

  • Journal Selection
  • Premium Editing
  • Artwork Formatting
  • Submission to the Journal
  • Unlimited rounds of plagiarism check (12 months)
  • Resubmission Support
  • Pre-submission Peer Review

Platinum Pack

High-end publication support, including a complete techical review

  • Journal Selection
  • Premium Editing
  • Artwork Formatting
  • Submission to the Journal
  • Unlimited rounds of plagiarism check (12 months)
  • Resubmission Support
  • Pre-submission Peer Review
  • In-Depth Research Paper/Thesis Writing
  • Citation Analysis
  • Assistance with Reviewer Comments

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on the package that you choose and the research quality you provide; the paper publication is decided by your editor who determines it after taking several components into consideration. Thus, we cannot guarantee publication on each paper. But, our expert team strives to help you understand and keep up with all publication rules and regulations by providing you with premium editing and before submission reviews. These services effectively improve your publication chances.

Many researchers and Ph.D. students don’t get the right guidance for their papers before publication, which leads to many rejections. With a journal publication service handy, you can effortlessly consult any query you have regarding your manuscript. Our skillful professionals review your entire paper and then guide you with constructive feedback on how you can revamp your paper before submitting the final script. These trained experts work with you for the entire duration of your paper, carry out technical reviews on the paper, edit your composition and then provide you post-submission as well. All these services endeavor to help you reduce your paper fabrication time and aid you with all kinds of technical knowledge wherever relevant throughout the publication of your paper.

You will be able to get a refund if any of our services do not come to par. If the services, we provide fail to meet your expectations and they don’t meet the scope of the journal, then you have all the right to ask for a refund. However, accepting a paper for publication is solely up to the journal’s discretion. On the basis of the service you choose, our experts give their best to guide you towards the publication of your paper and council you in a way that you completely evade any kind of rejection.

All journals operate on distinct revenue models and have different policies; therefore, they also have different fee structures. Some subscription-based journals charge their clients for colored figures and graphics. A few open access journals charge their clients a fee for the publication of their articles. So, all these journals have different kinds of fee structures based on different factors that are required from the author; therefore, they are not a part of our packages.

When it comes to our packages, if you have chosen to go for a customized package, then you are required to finalize the payment before the delivery of your paper. However, if you have selected one of our ready-made packages, then you can provide us with the payment after the delivery of the first part of the assignment.

It is preferable if you provide the due acknowledgment if you have taken the help of editing or writing services from ISI journal publications. Not only is it a part of the proper publication guidelines but it also serves a huge purpose of telling journal editors and reviewers that your paper has been thoroughly reviewed by professionals. This will represent that your manuscript meets all the standards required by the journal publications. So, if you want to add us to your paper and Acknowledge us, you can just put a simple – We would like to thank ISI Journal Publications - - for editing and reviewing this paper.

In order to perform any of these services, we will require your complete manuscript. From the title page to the end references, including all figures, images, and tables. When choosing the target journal, it will be quite helpful if you could share your preferred journals, indexing, and any rejection history.

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