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The peer review process can be a daunting place to get stuck in. Fortunately for you, we host a team of experts that assist you with everything related to reviewer comments!

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How We Handle Reviewer Comments

Handling reviewer comments is no easy feat, as they can range from something as minor as grammatical errors to major overhauls such as reanalyzing data or experiments. And to top it off, there’s a proper method for responding to each comment. At ISI Journal Publications, we’ve been assisting researchers with reviewer comments for the past 15 years, and we’re willing to do the same for you too! Here’s what you can expect from us.

Reviewer Comment Strategy

Revision Roadmap

Evidence Integration

Clarity Enhancement

Response Structure Optimization

Conciseness Coaching

Revised Manuscript Review

Substantive Response Editing

Reviewer Perspective Analysis

Conflicting Feedback Resolution

Our Process in a Nutshell

Comment Analysis

Understanding the requirement of the reviewer is the first and most important step in assessing any comment. We dissect your manuscript and identify the required changes after careful consideration to better understand the reviewer’s perspective.

Executing the Changes

The final execution of the reviewer’s comments is one of the most complex parts of the peer review process as the changes can vary significantly. Our team of in-house experts use their expertise and unique skillset to determine the most effective way to cater to those changes.

Responding To Reviewers

Reviewers are often too busy to read through long-form reports or emails, therefore we suggest you a better and more concise alternative that explains the changes you make step by step.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Research papers and manuscripts are evaluated before publication by reviewers, who in turn leave comments addressing the things they want to be changed, this is also known as Reviewer Comments.

We do not make the changes on behalf of the author of the manuscript, however we offer expert guidance and assistance in response to the changes required.

Yes. Choosing the right reviewer(s) is essential for enabling and surviving the peer-review process. Allow our specialists, who are current or former editors/peer-reviewers for international journals and have vast expertise on both sides of the peer-review process, to assist you in identifying appropriate reviewers to suggest to your target journal. Our specialists will examine potential reviewers for research skills in your topic area and pick them based on their recent publication record, academic experience, reputation, and geographic location.

ISI Journal Publication provides a variety of editing and post-production services. ISI Journal Publications offers three degrees of editing services: advanced, premium, and scientific editing. These three differ in terms of pricing and service offerings.

As a follow-up service, we offer resubmission assistance if your paper has been rejected by a journal. We extensively review journal reviewer input and re-edit the work accordingly. Additionally, we also offer journal selection and submission services for our clients to make this journey easier. To avoid rejections, we also provide a pre-submission peer review service, which will point out the mistakes and correct the structure beforehand. Our professionals work tirelessly to guarantee that your paper gets published in a prestigious publication, from editing through submission.

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